Answer Engine Optimisation

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The Future of Search

Search is changing, we don't want to mess around trying to find things on the web, time is precious. Writing your articles in a question and answer format can make a serious difference to the quality of your website visitors.
If you are trying to do business online you need to know what intent your website visitors have, the better qualified the more likely they are to engage with your brand or buy your product/service.

That's why Answer Engine Optimisation is so important for the future of search. SEO (search engine optimisation) has been around for 20+ years with Google leading the way, now voice search is set to be the next big development - ask Alexa, Siri or Google

What is AEO?

AEO is Answer Engine Optimisation. It is a newly evolving form of digital marketing targetting voice-based device search requests. This is similar to the old 'SEO' goldrush where websites were scrambling to be at the top of search engine rankings such as Google by optimising website content using various strategies.

AEO came about with the creation of voice-based search, on devices such as smartphones or tablets. Initially, a voice-based search was created to help those with a disability to access the internet more smoothly however it has evolved to become more mainstream for accessibility on mobile devices as time has progressed.

Voice-based search can be accessed on most modern devices now, where a user can select to 'ask' a question to a device via voice communication. The devices then deliver an answer through voice to the user, suggesting websites to visit. This is an answer engine.

Examples of Answer Engines include Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, Googles Voice Search and Amazon's Alexa.

Answer Engines are becoming the next method through which users access the internet and perform searches. The convenience of asking your device a question to search for you instead of tapping at a smaller screen means that there is a considerable rise in the popularity of using voice-based search. Answer Engine Optimisation is the next big battleground for search engine rankings.

The Difference Between AEO & SEO

At it’s simplest:

Answer Engine Optimisation is where you optimise content for questions and voice-based search requests.

Search Engine Optimisation is where you optimise content for keyword-based search requests.

The two are separate but intertwined, and through proper use of AEO/SEO, you will obtain optimum search ranking potential.

How does being AEO benefit you?

Customers ask questions, and questions drive business. A user that has a question needs to be fulfilled. You can use AEO to benefit your business by becoming the answer that is supplied to the user first and foremost, establishing yourself as the authority in the search engine rankings.

Answering the customers question the moment they hit your landing page means that they know immediately that you are the one they want to go to for the product or service. For example, this benefits the catering industry, where questions such as 'Where can I go for pizza?' or 'Whats the best Italian restaurant near me?' are likely to be asked to devices for voice-based search. AEO means that your restaurant is more likely to be served to the user at this point of the voice-based search.