Google Assistant


What is Google Assistant?

The Google Assistant is an A.I available on almost all android powered devices as well as with third-party integration making it available on other devices, but what is the Google Assistant? What makes it special?

Initially debuting as part of Google's messaging app Allo in May 2016, the Google Assistant has evolved and grown through further development and application to a wider range of devices including cars, smart home appliances and android wear.

Unlike competitor Voice Engine systems and Answer Engines such as Siri or Cortana, the Google Assistant can carry a conversation somewhat and offer relevant answers to questions that are asked of it or search results for topics discussed. Google takes pride in the fact that Google Assistant has a developing personality, with the help of former Pixar animator Emma Coats.

You can ask the Google Assistant questions and get answers, plus use the Google Assistant to help you with payments sent and requested via Google Pay, get directions, play a game and much more. One such application is the ability to get Google Assistant to tell a bedtime story or sing a lullaby to your children which many parents may find useful.

Google Assistant is rapidly becoming a go-to for interaction assistance on mobile devices, with the ability to type or talk to the software making it very user-friendly.

The transition towards more of a voice-based interaction for mobile devices is becoming more popular. This means that Voice Engine Optimisation of your website is more critical than ever as when a question is asked of the Answer Engine, your website needs to be optimised for both SEO/VEO so that you are more likely to appear on the answers from Google Assistant.

For example, when the question "Where can I get a good meal?" is asked in your local area, you would ideally want to be able to provide the answer to that question on your website so that you appear as a relevant answer to Google Assistant.

For more information about Google Assistant, you can read about it from Google themselves here, or alternatively, find out what the benefits of Voice Engine Optimisation are for your business here.