What is Siri?

Siri is the virtual assistant integrated into Apple's hardware most notably the iOS and macOS series of systems, but What is Siri? As another Answer Engine, Siri uses voice queries and a user interface to answer questions that are asked of it, make recommendations, perform actions and delegate requests to internet services. This is similar to other Voice Engine software such as Cortana or Alexa.

Initially developed by the SRI international AI centre, Siri is a spin-off that uses advanced machine learning technologies to function. Apple purchased it in 2010 after its initial release as an app for iOS in February 2010.

Siri can do much of the things that Alexa or Cortana can, however to a lesser extent. The technology is still under development and voice recognition is not yet perfected. This means that a user can ask Siri to text people, make phone calls, search the internet, locate local businesses and ask for directions among other useful integrations.

As an Answer Engine, Siri delivers answers to questions that are asked of it. With Voice Engine Optimisation and Answer Engine Optimisation, it is possible to tailor your content and product/services descriptions to be more accessible to these systems so that Siri has an increased likelihood of delivering your website or content when a question is asked. It should be noted that currently however, Siri is significantly less customisable than the Google Assistant, Microsoft's Cortana or Amazon's Alexa.

For more information about Siri, you can read about it from Apple themselves here, or alternatively, find out what the benefits of Voice Engine Optimisation are for your business here.