What is Cortana?

Cortana is the virtual assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows Mobile and all of Microsoft's integrated hardware such as the Xbox One. What is Cortana? It is an Answer Engine like Siri or Alexa which can set reminders, recognise a voice, answer questions and search the internet.

Cortana is named after the character Cortana, a synthetic AI in Microsoft's Halo video game franchise. Most notably, Cortana is present on Windows 10 and assists users with search and voice-assisted operation of the operating system.

Cortana is less interactive than other Answer Engines such as Alexa or Google Assistant however which poses some challenges to optimisation.

Using Voice Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation it is possible to increase your websites ranking on Answer Engines and Bing. As Cortana is configured to use Microsoft Edge, Bing is the primary search engine on all Microsoft 10 enabled systems including mobile by default, therefore, Cortana will always search through Bing unless configured differently.

For more information about Cortana, you can read about it from Microsoft themselves here, or alternatively, find out what the benefits of Voice Engine Optimisation are for your business here.