Keyword Research

Keyword research is the base process in SEO that involves looking at and identifying the words and phrases that people are using in search engines. Through looking at these, we can figure out what to rank for in google search and target the phrases and words that have traffic which is relevant to your business.


Researching keywords gives SEO specialists an understanding of the current market, what words are in demand, where bidding is highest and what the competition is using. It also provides an insight into how hard it will be to compete for terms in organic search.

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Why use keyword research?

Keyword research is an ongoing task. The data you gather during the initial research will be vastly different to the data a month or two later as search engine rankings fluctuate and what people search for changes. New keywords are formed all the time as people make new searches and so your keyword list should be regularly re-evaluated and developed.


It is through keyword research that your business can formulate a plan of what keywords to use in your content creation to create targeted content. You can drive the right traffic to your website, traffic that has a higher chance of converting. Regularly keyword research means you are going to know what your customers are looking for so you can anticipate their needs.  

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What we can do for you

Keyword research is a lengthy and time-consuming process that requires dedication and a keen eye for detail.  All keyword research starts with a question, topic, idea or a head keyword that is relevant to your business. You then determine the current ranking for these keywords and discover how difficult it will be to rank for them in the search engine results pages.


A keyword research tool is then used to identify the current pricing on bidding for those keywords and the amount of traffic involved with said keywords, so we can judge for you depending on your budget whether or not it's worth having.


We will look at your keywords, check the density of keywords on your pages, identify key points to improve for SEO/AEO purposes and provide you with an insight into the keywords for your industry.

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