Customer Intent Search

Consumer intent search is the core of powerful marketing. While demographics can be used as a proxy for people who may be interested in your products or services, relying entirely on demographics means that you may lose out.


Consumer intent is where a consumer is looking for something in an exact moment, and where they are looking to find it.  Knowing the consumers intent means that you can meet that intent in the moment that matters, deliver helpful content and transition a consumer into a sale.


This ties into questions and answers. Delivering the answer to what a consumer is searching for is key to converting them into a sale; you do not want it to be another sales spiel or else the consumer will go elsewhere where there is more help to be had.


How we can help you

We will help your business to create content that matches up with the consumer intent. Helpful and informative high-quality content such as how-to videos, recipes and more can influence a consumer to buy from your brand. Similarly, streamlining the user experience with instant buy checkout options, local inventory information and more can help to convert a consumer into a customer.


An example of a good use of consumer intent search marketing is Home Depot. Home Depot researched and discovered that people were searching on mobile during DIY for the answers to problems such as 'how to tile a bathroom floor', so they began a content strategy centred around how-to videos on YouTube. They now have hundreds of videos with the collection as a whole has reached over 48 million views. This demonstrates the power of customer intent.

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