Blog Optimisation

Blog optimisation is a part of Search Engine Optimisation. It is where you take the blog content for your website and tailor the content towards your focus keywords which in turn drives traffic to the page and increases your search engine ranking position. It is closely tied to Answer Engine Optimisation.


Why use blog optimisation?

SEO requires content, and that content needs optimising. If you are just putting out content without regards to your own keywords, you are driving traffic to the site that may not be relevant which in turn will lower your search engine ranking position. Blog optimisation focuses on editing your blog content to reflect the chosen keywords of your business and industry so that the traffic coming to your website is more relevant, and that means more of them are likely to convert into leads.


It is very likely your competitors are using blog and website optimisation to improve their SEO and get ahead of you in the search engine rankings. Even if they are not, that gives  you an ideal opportunity to get the competitive edge.


What we can do for you

Blog optimisation is time-consuming and can be difficult. Getting all those keywords into the text without ruining the flow can be a tricky task especially when you have many keywords to work with.


We do it for you, so you don't have to. Simply give us a list of your keywords and the content you want , and we will optimise it for your business.

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